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Today Saturday, 10 December, 2022
Electric insulating materials >> Micanite

Micanite is an electric insulating material (flexible and rigid) that consists of plucked mica with the usage of a binding agent.

Name Federal Standard, Specification Application Technical characteristics
TPF - heat-resistant separating micanite
21 - 25 - 30 - 79
as thermo-insulating or electric insulating strips and frames of heating spirals
Sheet size:
560x310 mm
0,5-20,0 mm
Thermal resistance:
up to 500 C
Electrical strength:
not less than 5 kW/mm
GFS - flexible micanite
Federal Standard
6120 - 75
as flexible thermo-insulating and electric insulating materials for heaters (heating spirals and others)
Sheet size:
1000x500 mm
0,15-0,25; 0,3-0,5 mm
Thermal resistance:
up to 130 C
Electrical strength:
not less than 24 kW/mm
Federal Standard
as an electric insulating material, as capacitor cuffs.
Sheet size:
Thickness: 0,3
Thermal resistance:
up to 155 C
Electrical strength:
not less than 35 kW/mm


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